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I’m a grad student studying Applied Mathematics at SEAS, Harvard University. My interest lies in using mathematical models and computation to explore problems and phenomena in the natural world. Together with my Ph.D. advisor, Prof. Chris Rycroft and my collaborators, we explore topics such as numerical methods for fluid-solid interaction problems, simulations of diffusion-limited dissolutions, modeling bacteria growth and pattern formation in biofilm.

When I’m not doing math or coding, I enjoy being outdoors and playing music with Tobi.

Ukulele duet – Swing jazz

On weekend mornings, Tobi and I often start our day by picking up our ukes as we drank coffee. Having a partner to play music with is just another great joy in life. While one is strumming away on the rhythm and harmony, the other go to town with soloing. We have been trying to…

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Mt. Diablo ride

After psyching myself out for a long time, I was very thankful when Dan suggested a ride up Mt. Diablo together. I said yes, knowing I will be more inclined to keep my words and actually do the ride. After the Mt. Tam ride, descending on mountainous roads got scarier with every time I replayed…

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Mt. Tamalpais ride

The bay area is full of beautiful trails to hike, run, and bike. But for a Cambridge transplant, running and biking on the hills sounds daunting. But because it’s there, one might as well have a go at it. I have made a list of hills that I wanted to climb by the end of…

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Hikes in the Bay Area

Since the summer of 2015, I have been coming to Berkeley with Chris to work at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. At first, I inhabited a cubicle in the math group where we did quality math and nerd talk C++ programming without much distraction. But in summer2017, I met Ann, and decided to work with her, and…

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Dudley Crew

Shortly after Spring break this year, Dudley crews started rowing and preparing for some fast intramural races in early May. Since I had rowed with East Bay Rowing Club for a summer before, I was placed in Women’s A boat — I was surprised but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn from more experienced…

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A numerical model of Vibrio fischeri growth and intraspecific competition

E. scolopes is a species of small squids living off the coast of Hawaii. Early in its life cycle, it forms a life-long symbiosis with V. fischeri bacteria. The squids need the bioluminescent bacteria for counter-illumination, a form of camouflage that help the squid blend in with the moonlit ocean surface at night. Scientist also find…

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Rim to Rim to Rim (June 2017)

I’ve been to Grand Canyon several times before, but on the last drive-to-a-view-point-hop-out-and-take-some-pictures road trip, Souha and I decided that we were no longer going to just walk along the rim and descent a few hundred feet, but we will hike across the canyon and see what it is like to see up close the…

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