Gallery of Fluid Motion

Update: the video is now on YouTube. Even though we didn’t win the contest, making this video helped us realize how important visualization is in science communication! Yue, Nick, and I are working on making a submission for the Gallery of Fluid Motion, a part of the upcoming meeting of APS Division of Fluid Dynamics. … More Gallery of Fluid Motion

Modeling Bacterial War

E. scolopes is a species of small squids, commonly known as the Hawaiian bobtail squid, living off the coast of Hawaii. Early in its life cycle, it forms a life-long symbiosis with bacteria Vibrio fischeri . The squids need the bioluminescent bacteria for a form of camouflage called counter-illumination, which helps the squid blend in with the moonlit … More Modeling Bacterial War

Simulating Fluid–Structure Interactions

Fluid-structure interactions (FSI) are ubiquitous in nature, laboratory, and industrial setting. For example, animal locomotion, fluid flowing through porous media, or cheese being stirred and pumped through a cheese making machine. However, FSI problems are challenging to solve analytically or simulate numerically, due to their nonlinear, multi-physics nature. In particular, it is difficult to reconcile … More Simulating Fluid–Structure Interactions

Mt. Diablo ride

After psyching myself out for a long time, I was very thankful when Dan suggested a ride up Mt. Diablo together. I said yes, knowing I will be more inclined to keep my words and actually do the ride. After the Mt. Tam ride, descending on mountainous roads got scarier with every time I replayed … More Mt. Diablo ride

Mt. Tamalpais ride

The bay area is full of beautiful trails to hike, run, and bike. But for a Cambridge transplant, running and biking on the hills sounds daunting. But because it’s there, one might as well have a go at it. I have made a list of hills that I wanted to climb by the end of … More Mt. Tamalpais ride

Dudley Crew

Shortly after Spring break this year, Dudley crews started rowing and preparing for some fast intramural races in early May. Since I had rowed with East Bay Rowing Club for a summer before, I was placed in Women’s A boat — I was surprised but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn from more experienced … More Dudley Crew

Performance study on GPU offloading via CUDA, OpenACC, and OpenMP in AMReX

This past week, some of us from the Rycroft group attended SIAM CSE 19 at Spokane, WA. One of the presentations I gave is a poster on GPU application performance profiling. This is part of the summer CSGF practicum project I did at LBNL with CCSE group. The applications are written using AMReX framework, and … More Performance study on GPU offloading via CUDA, OpenACC, and OpenMP in AMReX