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Scale Essentials Apps

Back in March, 2020, when I boarded the plane to spend a couple of weeks in Germany with my partner Tobi, neither of us anticipated it was gonna turn into a 4 months stay through a global pandemic.

As many people who find new hobbies or renew old hobbies, we took a shot at something we’ve always talked about — an app for learning scales on the ukulele and improve our skills at improvisation.

The project slowly took shape and the labor division became clear, it was Tobi on graphics and music theory, and me on programming. It took many hours of Googling and watching YouTube tutorial and late night/early morning coding. There were many heated debates about the most important things, like what buttons do we use and where to put them.

In 3 months, we went from having a very, and I mean VERY, simple app to show scales on a uke, to scale apps for 4 different instruments, with backing tracks, and tabs, and positions, all that good stuff.

The apps are now on App Store, and as a team we call ourselves Acacia Apps because our ukuleles are made from Koa, an acacia tree only grown in Hsawaii, and also because we met and even formed a band back in Africa, home to the iconic acacia tree (our logo), 8 years ago. We even have a team website, a YouTube Channel, both with more details about the apps themselves.

We are still working on the project, but now from two continents across the Atlantic and six time zones apart. Our next step is to break out Apple’s ecosystem, which is not the most nourishing niche for small passion project app makers like us.