Ukulele duet – Swing jazz

On weekend mornings, Tobi and I often start our day by picking up our ukes as we drank coffee. Having a partner to play music with is just another great joy in life. While one is strumming away on the rhythm and harmony, the other go to town with soloing. We have been trying to broaden our repertoire a bit, and we have been working more than more on jazz rhythm and improvisation recently.

Life outside of math

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I’m a grad student studying Applied Mathematics at SEAS, Harvard University. My interest lies in using mathematical models and computation to explore problems and phenomena in the natural world. Together with my Ph.D. advisor, Prof. Chris Rycroft and my collaborators, we explore topics such as numerical methods for fluid-solid interaction problems, simulations of diffusion-limited dissolutions, modeling bacteria growth and pattern formation in biofilm.

When I’m not doing math or coding, I enjoy being outdoors and playing music with Tobi.